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Borrow Money Thailand 2022

Sometime as we all know, life is hard and it’s not fair. When we was young, we all dreamed to have a beautiful life, have a nice job, drive a brand new car and live in a Condo on 84th floor or an apartment in midtown but everything changes very fast, we just have a common life to survive and we now realize that it’s not easy but here we are.

“Money” is the most important thing that we need and that’s not easy for everyone to earn them. Especially for ones who live aboard but if you live in Thailand, you are lucky because there’re a lot of financial services, instant loans, online cash and personal loan Thailand that ‘re ready to help you for getting the “Money” you want.

With this article, you will have an idea and know how to get reach some of the best quick cash and instant loans services available in Thailand. Let’s take a look.


1.Borrow Money Thailand 2022 : K – Personal Loan Thailand with KBank


Borrow Money Thailand 2022

“Cater to your every need, Qualified even when retired” here’s one of the best product of the Kasikorn Bank that can help you to borrow money Thailand with a personal loan with great conditions, no guarantor needed and you can take the longest tenor of 30 – year. This Personal loan Thailand can offer you a great deal with 1.15% p.a. for interest rate and give the maximum loan limit up to 100% of the amount stated in a certificate of survivorship.

Apply for K – Personal Loan Thailand here


2.Borrow Money Thailand 2022 : KBank Xpress loan


Borrow Money Thailand 2022

With a great reputation, KBank now become one of the best bank that can provide an instant loan to all with the fastest channel to apply, and approve and grant you cash within only 30 minutes. KBank Xpress loan is an online quick loan 2022 that give you a great opportunity to get 10000/ 20000/ 30000 baht in 30 minutes via K – Plus App and then you can easily withdraw money from ATM


  • Minimum age 20 years old plus
  • The borrower’s age combined with the installment period must not exceed 70 years.
  • Minimum monthly income of 20,000 bath.
  • At least six months working experience in current employment
  • Must have a phone number at home/ work/ mobile phone.

Apply for KBank Xpress loan here


3.Borrow Money Thailand 2022 : CIMB THAI Personal Loan Thailand


Borrow Money Thailand 2022

If you want to “borrow money Thailand” that’s not a big problem because you can apply and plan your future with a fair – rate personal loan that offers flexible repayment period of up to 84 months, that give you all the time to re – organize your financial plans. CIMB personal loan Thailand has a very nice services especially for you. With this personal loan you can get the maximum credit of 5 times of your monthly income or up to max at 1.5 Millions bath with only 11.84% p.a. interest rate. Apply now with this requirements.

  • Aged between 21 – 59 years old (the total years of age and payment period must not be more that 60 years)
  • Minimum monthly income of 15,000 bath for employee/ Government/ State Enterprise Official or minimum income of 30,000 bath for Freelancer/ Self – employed/ Business owners
  • Minimum years of service: 6 months for employee/ Government/ State Enterprise Official or minimum years of operation: 3 years for Freelancer/ Self – employed/ Business owners

If you have this requirements and need a personal loan Thailand, CIMB Thai personal loan is your solution, Apply now here borrow money Thailand with CIME THAI.


4.Borrow Money Thailand 2022 : Bualuang Loan Aujai Personal Loan Thailand


Borrow Money Thailand 2022

This is an instant cash loans to improve your finances and give you a great opportunity to regain the balance of you life. With the normal requirements needed, you can have  a great deal, no more cash shortage, flexible repayments starting at 500 bath per month and ease your worries, Boost your liquidity. No need for collateral or personal guarantees. Easy to apply with one-time signup and access to fast cash anytime.

Bualuang Loan Aujai is a personal loan Thailand that can give you a fair interest rate which are on to the Credit limit, here

  • Not exceeding 50,000 with 24%
  • 50,001 – 200,000 with 22%
  • 200,001 – 1,000,000 with only 18%


  • Thai national aged between 20 and 59 years.
  • A full-time employee with a payroll account with Bangkok Bank and working at the selected employers.*
  • Minimum monthly income of 15,000 baht.
  • At least one year working experience in current employment.

 *For more details on the selected employers, please contact our branches or Bualuang Phone 1333 or click here


5.Borrow Money Thailand 2022 : FINNIX online money app


Borrow Money Thailand 2022

FINNIX is one of the newest nano – financial services on Application that can give you a great chance to borrow money Thailand 1000 bath or up to the maximum at 100,000 baths via Mobile App. With only 2.75% per month for interest rate and approve the results quickly only in 5 minutes. No need to go to the branch or prepare documents because you can request for credit by App. Download and Apply now here

For more details or download the App here FINNIX Nano – finance borrow money thailand

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